We have a dedicated contact number that is always attended for emergency Makesafe work.
Our first-class tradespeople and professional office staff respond efficiently and effectively to emergency repair needs of any scale.
We service everything from small water damage through to a complete rebuild after a major fire or storm event.

Makesafe Services

Our Priority: Ensuring Your Safety and Preventing Further Damage

In times of unexpected emergencies such as a tree falling on your house or other unforeseen incidents, Gracedale Constructions is here to provide swift and reliable Makesafe services. Our priority is to keep you and the public safe while preventing further damage to your property. We swiftly implement temporary repairs as required, securing the affected area to minimize the risk of additional harm and restore a sense of security and peace of mind.

In situations where immediate action is essential, our responsive team is equipped with the necessary expertise and tools to promptly address various hazards and mitigate potential dangers, allowing you to navigate through challenging situations with confidence. Gracedale Constructions remains committed to delivering effective Makesafe services, safeguarding your well-being and property from further harm until comprehensive repairs can be undertaken.


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